Is your FM WhatsApp being tracked or monitored?

Is your WhatsApp FM being tracked or monitored? Nowadays, more and more people use FM WhatsApp APK. However, both the latest version of FM WhatsApp and the official WhatsApp are prone to being tracked by hackers. There is no doubt that this is an invasion of user privacy. It can even lead to financial loss and major data leaks. If you suspect that your WhatsApp FM is being tracked, check the following signs.

Is your FM WhatsApp being tracked or monitored?

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Check personal information

If your FM WhatsApp APK has been monitored, it is likely that your personal information is being manipulated. So better check your profile first to see if it is still the same as before. If your personal information changes, we recommend that you change it immediately and take specific steps to protect your FM WhatsApp account.

Find WhatsApp FM chat conversations

Open the FM WhatsApp chat screen and scroll down to see if you see an unknown conversation. For example, if you received an unknown message from a stranger or sent a message to a contact without their knowledge. These messages do not appear to be normal. If this is the case, then there is a high probability that your account is being manipulated.

Check WhatsApp FM notifications

In addition to the above two methods, you can also enable system notifications for FM WhatsApp latest version. If your account is being tracked by hackers, there is a high chance that they will mess with your privacy and data. In the worst case, there is even a high probability that your privacy will be compromised. Therefore, you should check if the FM WhatsApp system sends strange messages asking you to change your data.